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 How to reinstall hardware

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PostSubject: How to reinstall hardware   13/7/2007, 2:17 am

The best way to resolve hardware problems during setup is to
completely remove the hardware and software. Then, start over by
reinstalling the hardware according to the manufacturer's instructions.To reinstall hardware1.Visit the hardware manufacturer's Web site and download the latest software and device driver for your hardware. Note: A
driver is the most essential software, because it contains information
and instructions that enable Windows XP to interact with the device.
The most common problems often lead back to an outdated, mismatched, or
improperly installed device driver. If you suspect the problem is with
your device driver, read Troubleshoot device driver problems.

2.Shut down Windows XP and your computer.

3.Disconnect the hardware.

4.Start your computer.

5.Uninstall all software related to your hardware.

6.Remove the device driver by following the instructions to reinstall a device driver.

7.Restart Windows XP.

8.Follow the manufacturer's instructions to install the hardware.If
reinstalling the hardware with the latest software does not fix the
problem, read the next section to determine if you have faulty
hardware. If the problem persists, contact the hardware manufacturer
for assistance.
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How to reinstall hardware
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